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Public Works Office (PwO) "makes technology public"1: interoperable, inclusive, and user-centric; we often work in public spaces, always in service of the public good.

PwO is a technical consultancy that specializes in 0->1 product development and technology enablement in complex stakeholder environments, frequently touching government or the built environment, and often related to innovation and/or user experience-first initiatives.

Above all, PwO is thoughtful in its work and approach.

Past clients have included public/mass transit operators, engineering firms, concessionaires (e.g. out-of-home advertising), higher education/research, technology, real estate and private equity.

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PwO Services

Product Development

Technology Enablement PwO works under scope-of-work and staff augmentation arrangements, depending on the nature of the engagement. PwO has relationships with many firms holding existing contract vehicles.

Selected Past Work
PwO's Values (draft)
  1. Listen: a big part of thoughtfulness is sharing your opinion, but recognizing needs other than your own.
  2. Understand the details. The details are often where opportunity lies: to do something new, to do something faster, to accomplish the goal you set out to achieve.
  3. Strengthen our clients: like a good camper, leave a place better than you found it. Progress breeds more opportunity.
  4. Be honest--our clients are paying us for our opinion, it's imperative we share our true thoughts in a sensitive, appropriate way.
PwO is inspired, in part, by Harry Tuttle (right) in Brazil (1985): a former "insider" who works on the outside of big institutions to help those with a need to "fix their tubes" navigate a complicated socio-technical landscape.

1: "public" in the sense that things encode human values in their design. Communities of experts that make value-laden decisions are not typically venues for engagement by the general public/the entire "body" of people affected by the decisions made. See Making Things Public for a (very) thorough discussion of the political life of things.